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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language uslprototype. This group includes farmers and orchard growers, rhe owners, chefs, hostesses and servers in the county s many fine restaurants. Finally, the third group to whom this book is dedicated, 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to the actors, musicians, artists, sculptors, and writers living on the peninsula, plus the teachers at The Clearing and Bjorklunden, all of whom through their special talents enrich the lives of residents and visitors alike while making Door County a unique cultural community.

Ephraim Was Founded in Ellison Bay Was Founded In Door County Map The slender 75 mile long peninsula that juts into Lake Michigan between Algoma and Green Bay was the first part of the state to ever be seen by a white man.

During the years the tri-colors flew over the area, not one single French family ever settled on the peninsula. This treaty Free sex finder New Douglas years of fighting between the French and the British over territory in North 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to.

By the terms of the treaty the British were awarded all land north of the Ohio River previously 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to by the French.

Included in this sizable area was the territory that later became Wisconsin. This sizable land area came to be known as the Northwest Territo- ry. In March of the peninsula received its first American settlers when an Army veteran bought land near Little Sturgeon Bay and moved his family there. Once legislators learned what happened when dis- possessed Cape Indians tried to return to the peninsula from Detroit Island, they concluded that there was only one appropriate name for this new unit of government Door County!

In these introductory comments one myth concerning Door County needs to he put to rest.

The county was not founded exclusively by Scam dinavians! While a 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to many Nor- wegians, Swedes, Danes and Finns did become early settlers on the peninsula the first villages were actually founded by Americans of Scot and English ancestry! Later in the peninsulas his- tory villages were founded by Scandi- navian immigrants. Two things attracted setters to Door County, easy water access from the east coast and the availability of inexpensive land. The first eastern- ers and European immigrants who came to Wisconsin boarded Hudson River paddle wheelers in New York for the trip to Albany.

Those who arrived after may have gone to Chicago by railroad and then traveled by train to Stur- geon Bay before boarding a small boat or horse and wagon for the trip to their final destination in Door County. Door County's economic history has moved through eight stages since Increase Claflin and his family became the peninsula's first white settlers in Each of these eight stages evolved out of human need or the availability of resources on the peninsula required by people living elsewhere in Wisconsin or the Mid- west.

Claflin initiated the first stage, known simply as the survival stage. This he did by providing for his fam- ily's needs as a hunter, fisherman and trapper. The next stage involved the peninsula's first income producing activity, 36 and single jes cutting of cord wood, fence posts and 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to shingles for sale to steamship cap- tains, trading post operators and wood products brokers operating from the county's first commercial piers.

The third stage in Door Coun- ty's economy involved the peninsu- la's first industry, the commercial fishing industry. Commercial fishing emerged just in time to help feed the fast growing populations of Milwau- kee, Chicago and other Midwest communities.

The fourth stage of peninsula eco- nomic development involved the timber industry- Loggers produced lumber for housing newcomers in the rapidly growing cities and vil- lages of Wisconsin and the Midwest. With miles of magnificent shoreline and many fine marinas, Door County appeals Strgeon boaters, sailors and fishermen. The peninsu- las well maintained interior roads attracts bicyclists and its numerous parks featuring miles of trails are w ell known by hikers, nature lovers and cross country skiers.

Exceptional wildlife preserves 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to nature sanctu- aries draw naturalists to Door Coun- ty from all over the midwest just as exceptional camping facilities draw families wanting aBy vacation in tents or recreational vehicles.

And scores of artists, sculp- tors, glass blowers, jewelry makers, silversmiths, furniture makers, weavers, playwrights and writers, who have made Door County their permanent home in recent years, provide the peninsula with a popula- tion base of very interesting people. Since its origin in Door County has 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to home to many fas- cinating people. Some were early settlers. Some were entrepreneurs or businessmen.

Others were Interested in nsa swinging ing political or religious leaders. And one was a philosopher, an internationally known landscape architect whose influence continues today 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to of the Stugeon things he did and Bqy during loneyls lifetime.

161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to I Wanting Real Dating

The quality that makes Door County a very special place was quickly identified by Jens Jensen when he retired to the peninsula from Chicago in 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to first Europeans to reach North America were members of a Spanish military expedition that landed in Florida inThe first Europeans to permanently settle in t he New World were British families that established colonies in Tk in and in Massachusetts inBut the first European to probe Door County 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to Wisconsin was a lone French explorer who walked ashore on Rock Island early in August of Jean Nicolet was 34 years old when he landed on the peninsula.

In the early s Governor Champlain was the first white explorer to probe the por- tion of the New Lonleys located north of the St, Lawrence Riven Landing near the present site of the city of Montreal, Champlain [darn- ed the French 116 on the banks of the 87740 matures xxx. Lawrence River in At the time he too was searching for an all water route across North Ameri- ca.

Having no success on his first attempt inChamplain tried again in On his second Bya dition Champlain made it as far west as Lake 1 luron before a series of adversities forced him to turn back. Disappointed, Champlain kept alive the hope of someday finding the coveted water highway to the Pacific that European explorers had been searching for since the days of Marco Polo in the V After he was appointed Gover- nor of New France inCham- plain kept an eye out for a venturesome young explorer capa- ble of finding aBy waterway that he knew would give France a very sig- nificant edge in trade.


In March of Champlain met confident Jean Nicolet. The Governor was immediately impressed with Nico- let and concluded that at last he had found the right man to plant the French flag on America s west- ern shores.

Nicolet was hold, charming anil confident. He also possessed great knowledge of Indian life and appeared to get along well with native Americans, possessing a unique ability to communicate with them.

The thing that impressed Champlain the most about Nicolet was his simple, inex- pensive plan for pursuing the search for the coveted waterway.

Unlike the Spanish, who sent three hundred horse mounted, gun bearing military troops to Tampa 5 The Discovery Of Wisconsin And The Door County PenmsuEa In 1 Bay, Florida in to push their way north and west to the Pacific coast, young Jean Nicolet proposed undertaking the mission 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to three canoes, two Indian guides and six Indian paddlers, all unarmed! Lawrence River until they reached the point where the Ottawa River flows into the St.

Swinging northwest on the Ottawa, which parallels Lake Ontario to the north, Nicolet and his men proceeded west to where the Ottawa emptied into Lake Huron.

As his party paddled south on Lake Michigan Nicolet spotted two islands up ahead. Lying Tv seeking Antioch California east of his southerly course the Adult sex meet in yreka california were close together.

One appeared to 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to smaller than the other. Thinking it less likely there would he a significant number of hostile natives on the smaller of the two islands, Nicolet directed his pad- diets to head for Wives wants casual sex North Rock Springs small island. Landing On Pottawatomi Island When Nicolet 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to his men reached the smaller island they immediately put ashore.

In August of it was known as Pottawato- mi Island. As Nicolet continued down the peninsula his guides told him that they were approaching an island where a small band of Winnebago Indians were living. This they had been told by Indians with whom they communi- cated while passing through the Straits of Mackinac.

Nicolet drew the obvious conclusion. Then he fired his two pis- tols 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to impress the Winnebagoes, They had never heard gun fire before and were very impressed!

All he got from them were puzzled looks and an indifferent reaction Xxx swinger search extramarital dating his dance. After two days of camp- ing on the island, and closely observing the Winnebagoes.

Nicolet concluded they were no more Asian than he was. They did not dress like Asians, eat like Asians, or have any possessions reflecting an identity with Asians, At this point Nicolet must have felt like members of Captain de Soto's Spanish expedition, who after their leader died abandoned their futile search for 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to all water passage at the Mississippi River following two years ot blundering around in the woods of northern Georgia and Tennessee.

Though discouraged young Nico- let was not yet ready to abandon his mission. Camping On High Ground South of the hay now known as Sturgeon Bay, Nicolet again put ashore on the peninsula proper and climbed a bluff to gain a better view of Horney women 49707 he was headed.

From this high vantage point, the young French explorer could see both the other side of the waters of Green Bay and the termination of the bay itself some thirty miles to the south. There they set up camp for the winter late in November of Nicolet no doubt did survey the Fox River before deciding that it 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to not sufficient to accommodate ocean going ships.

Once he reached that conclusion, the young French- man knew he had no choice but to return to Montreal and give Cham- plain the bad news. In the spring ofwhen the snow had melted and the ice had left the waters of Green Bay, Nicolet returned to Montreal. Disappointed in not find- ing the coveted waterway, he did take pleasure in advising Governor Champlain on the beauty of the Door County peninsula, its thick forests, abundant wildlife and Birmingham alabama sex stores.

Swinging. fishing. As he moved from Rock Island to Horse- shoe Island and on down the penin- sula to the end of Green Bay, Nicolet no doubt saw many muskrats. There are some historians who claim that is how the state got its name. A third explanation of haw the state got its name was advanced by the second Territorial Governor of Wisconsin, Judge James Doty. While the precise origin of the name attached to land lying between Lake Michi- gan and the upper Mississippi River may still be in dispute, there is no dispute that Jean Nicolet was the first white man to see the peninsula now known as Door County.

The French Flag Flew Over Ouisconsin From To During the years that the tri- colors flew over Ouisconsin French- men living in the territory fell into one of three occupation groups: Note that none of these Wisconsin communities were in Door County. The French fur traders, known as voyageurs, experienced considerable success in locating fur 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to ani- mals both on the peninsula and else- where in Wisconsin as they worked 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to way south and west down the hay and into the Fox, Wisconsin and Black Rivers before reaching the father of all waters, the mighty Mississippi.

Louis before reach- ing New Orleans.

161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to

The fur trading expeditions of the voyageurs led the French to claim much of the territo- ry ultimately included in the Louisiana Purchase negotiated by President Jefferson in And the Louisiana Purchase opened the way for venturesome American pioneers to settle the west. Thus it 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to be said that discovery of the Door County peninsula in not only led to the settlement of Wisconsin 1161 the first half Sturgeoon the 19th century but led also to the settlement of the American west in the 1 's.

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French Jesuit priests also got along very well with the Indians in performing missionary work. They converted scores of native Americans to Christian belief and in doing so brought honor to their church and to their country. But French voyageurs were a different story.

These rugged rowdies took advantage of the Indians and dis- honored their country by introduc- ing America's natives to 161 adult lonelys in Sturgeon Bay to, gun powder, prostitution and vene- rea! Among the priests who came to Ouisconsin was Father Rene Menard who established a mission near Superior in A year later Father Claude Allouez established a second mission in Ashland.

Father Louis Andre arrived on the peninsu- la in and helped found Bakers summit PA sexy woman mis- sion at De Pere. Later Radisson and Grosse- tiers lived with the Cape Indians on the peninsula.

Radisson and Grosselliers got on well with Indians because they never tried to take advantage of them. As a result they were always well received by native Americans living in Ouisconsin Another French opportunist who got on well with Indians in Ouis- consin was Nicholas Perron.