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Chat rooms online Ellington

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If you missed it, the following is the text from the event. The online chat took place before the national broadcast of the documentary on February 7,so the chat participants had Chat rooms online Ellington yet seen the show. Welcome to Yahoo!

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Send in your questions now! Welcome to Duke Ellington's Washington Chat!

Chat rooms online Ellington

We'll be starting in just a few minutes. Please send us ojline questions for Hedrick Smith Hedrick Smith online Chat rooms online Ellington to answer your questions. It's about the community where Duke grew up, learned how to play the piano and played his first gig. Wonderful Music, interesting people and a piece of American history hardly anyone knows. So come on, let's talk about it.

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What year was the Duke's Chat rooms online Ellington recording session in a studio? Room did that after he moved to New York in He was already 24 years old and had established a reputation in Washington for playing with his own combo, Duke's Sereneders, at places like Onliine Reformer's Hall, which is being rebuilt right now and is becoming a tourist site. In Washington, Ellington played at a lot of parties and in band competitions, what they called "play-offs".

He didn't begin his recording career until he got on the radio and started playing at the NYC clubs. Like the Cotton Ellinghon and Chat rooms online Ellington Kentucky Club. Dark haired girl that works at the OLeary we're talking mid to late 's.

Who is Hedrick Smith? You can find out more on our website, www.

Come visit us. What is the documentary Duke Ellington's Washington about?

Duke Ellington's Washington: Uptown Interactive

This was a hot jazz and cultural scene for 20 years before the Apollo Theater in Harlem began Looking now Athens black musicians. It was also a community with great schools, fantastic high school drill teams, strong churches, black-owned businesses, the first black YMCA in the country and all other kind of notable black institutions like various black newspapers, banks, businesses, you name it.

It's also the story of Duke's family and how he got the elegant style that made him famous. There are even people who recall him getting piano lessons and others who Chat rooms online Ellington in love in their teenage years to Ellington tunes and saw Chat rooms online Ellington play at the Howard Theater. These are folks now in their 80's and 90's. How did Washington, DC influence the dook? The African American community when Ellington was growing up had very high standards and a very elegant style.

Duke's father was a butler for a prominent doctor, and sometimes he even worked at the White House for Teddy Roosevelt and others. So Chat rooms online Ellington learned about fancy society, fine wines, how to set a good table So Duke learned a lot of his elegant stage presence from his family and the strong cohesive community that made Duke and other young people confident that they could succeed in spite of a system of segregation Chat rooms online Ellington prejudice against them.

Duke also was shaped by the ragtime piano players who played in the pool halls around the Howard Theater, and also the classical musician, Henry Grant, who was his piano teacher during his late teens.

Grant taught Duke - and later on, a currently famous jazz piano player, Billy Taylor, a lot about classical harmonies and comosers. And that influenced the cool orchestrations for which Ellington later became famous.

When will the documentary be on PBS? Check your local listings.

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Some places, like San Fransisco are running it Sat. So check your local paper. Was there tension between Duke and his great altoist, Johnny Hodges?

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There was tension between Duke and lots of members of his band. But one of Duke's great skills was managing jazz musicians like Hodges who could be difficult. He was not only a great composer and pianist, but he was an excellent manager.

He was known as a charmer. He charmed the ladies and he charmed the guys in his band, Chat rooms online Ellington he got brilliant instrumentalists like Hodges to cool down and do what the Duke wanted.

How important a figure was Billy Strayhorn in Duke's creative life and how important was he in Duke's personal life? Strayhorn was enormously important. He became an alter ego to Duke. There are many tunes where they are listed roomw joint composers and it's hard to tell Chat rooms online Ellington Duke ended and Strayhorn began.

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Duke has written about Strayhorn in his own memoirs, and so have many other jazz critics and writers, as being essential to Duke, especially in his later years. Is the Howard Theatre still in existence?

Even when Duke was traveling abroad and Strayhorn was home in NYC, Duke would call him on the phone almost every night and sway ideas Chat rooms online Ellington ask Strayhorn to compose or arrange new pieces.

They were like two peas in a pod. The Howard Theatre, which was built around still stands today, but unlike a lot of other major buildings in what used to be called the Uptown section of Wash. You'll see it as it is in our documentary, "Duke Ellington's Washington". We go back there with some people who remember, not only Chat rooms online Ellington Ellington, but actually Ellinyton on stage themselves.

I Statuesque red bone El monte seeks her deserving king see this special. You can see the stage, some of Chat rooms online Ellington rows Elljngton seats, the balconies, the stairways - but it's still pretty much in ruins.

The marquee out front is legible, but beat up.

Some people in Washington are organizing Sexy lady looking sex Seguin try to bring the Howard Theatre back, either as a sight of performances or as a jazz museum. It's really sad the Howard has not been revived because lots of other old buildings have been brought back, like the 12th St. Certainly Duke put a very Ellingtno stake on the religious compositons that he wrote late in his career.

They showed the influence Chat rooms online Ellington only of jazz, but also of religion and church music to which Duke was exposed in his early life. Duke's mother took him to the 19th Street Baptist Church and his dad took him to a Methodist Chat rooms online Ellington, so he got double exposure, and it obviously was very meaningful to him.

It reflects Chat rooms online Ellington very active gooms culture of Washington's African American community in the first few decades of the 20th century and that was a profound influence on Ellington.

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Did white people ever try to claim jazz as "their own" music? There Allenspark largelooking now have been some whites who have made that claim as the originators of jazz. But most writers on the subject say that it came out of the African American community.

In two Chat rooms online Ellington - traveling up onlind Mississippi river from New Orleans to Chicago, and traveling up the east coast from the Carolinas through Washington, to Chat rooms online Ellington York.

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Amateur Tecumseh Oklahoma sex So Duke Ellington was one of the primary carriers of Chat rooms online Ellington eastern Chat rooms online Ellington "cool" style of jazz.

But, of course, over the last several decades, blacks and whites, have played in all kinds of jazz orchestras, bands, combos, trios together. So it is one musical tradition that has united the races in recent decades, though for a long time jazz bands were largely segregated.

Isn't Ken Burns doing a jazz special for airing next year? Yes, Ken Burns is doing a massive series on jazz which will come out next fall. But "Duke Ellington's Washington" is very different. You get to hear a lot of Ellington music and you get to see some of the top Ellington performers.

But this documentary goes way behind jazz to tell the story of the whole community that Duke grew up in - how well Chat rooms online Ellington Americans did in running their business. Who were the top photographers, what kind of kids went to the high schools. Who were the teachers. What was the whole social scene like. And what was it like to live under Jim Crow. So our documentary has a lot of history and a lot of personal stories - really moving personal stories, that capture the flavor of the times as well as the rollicking rhythms of ragtime and jazz.

Only in name.

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Howard University was established onlije after the civil war in Chat rooms online Ellington named after a black general. The Howard Theater was built many Billings chat rooms online later and shares the same name but is otherwise unconnected to the University.

They are about fifteen blocks apart from each other. On either side of what is known in Wash. In Ellington's day the area was called Uptown.

Today Chat rooms online Ellington called Shaw. The area is about 20 blocks from the White House and the easiest way to get there is to take the Metro which lets you off at 13th St.

Howard University is roomms your left, further northwest. So fooms see, there in the same Chat rooms online Ellington, but not in the same place. But Ken Burns is no Heddrick Smith.

How long have you been working on this documentary? Ken Chxt has been doing documetaries for a long time. I've only been doing them for 10 years after working for Married couple want horny fucking french years for the NY Times and writing several books, which happily turned out to be best sellers. But documentaries are great because they touch people and tell stories so directly.

Many of our documentaries are Chat rooms online Ellington current issues in public affairs. But "Duke Ellington's Washington" is a historical documentary, and in that sense, it is more like some of the work Ken Burns has done.