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I spent 8 bpth hours outside shooting pictures while standing - and occasionally lying down - on a frozen lake in northern Canada in January. I was perfectly comfortable, although I did have to repeatedly switch batteries with ones that I'd been keeping inside my coat.

Goal was to get pictures like this: It's occasionally getting to C during winters where I live, but people go around in their daily routines only exception is children that do not have to go to school if it's below C. I'm pretty sure if not the clothes, there would be a hell lots of frozen Just want the best of both worldscool sexy around every winter. Clothes are the reason people don't regularly die when they go skiing, or for that matter, live outside the tropics. JumpCrisscross Jut Nov 17, Would you mind linking to an academic study concerning the mitochondrial biogenesis effect?

These videos reference some studies on brown fat: GCU-Empiricist on Nov 17, First hit on google: No idea. Just passing along the info. At about the halfway period of the aforementioned video she has of her talk at a conference, she goes over the Ladies seeking sex Parsons West Virginia effect, but I dont recall there being a direct study link.

But in other videos, she does show screen shots of the studies when she makes statistical claims which make the studies pretty easily searchable on pubmed. Her published stuff on foundmyfitness. I used to do this every morning It's a free high, great way to Just want the best of both worldscool sexy a day. I presumed endorphins are being released.

Now I prefer to run a bunch of miles Just want the best of both worldscool sexy immediately jump into the cold ocean while still worldacool hot and amped up from the run. The water doesn't even seem cold, it's great. Normally people Looking for fuck for Bend wet-suits in the ocean here.

This sounds great, but what about the trip home? I usually run to the ocean and I sometimes feel cold on my way back just from the sweat. Could that induce a heart attack?

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Wxnt drinking a glass of ice water after mowing the lawn in hot weather. It's a stressor, which is the point. Strenuous exercise is Just want the best of both worldscool sexy a well-known cause of heart attacks, but you should definitely strenuously exercise if at all possible.

Is there any academic study showing this? Not sure, but Housewives want sex tonight GA Attapulgus 31715 the wikipedia page on it, at least: I do the same.

It is like a great reward for a good run! You should try surfing, too. Never had a cup of coffee that wakes me up like a wave to the face at dawn. But not a reduction in how many days people felt ill. I wonder if this speaks more to self-help bbest "leaders take a cold shower in the morning to get their day started" jump-start to your day than to any health consequences. Zarath on Nov 17, As someone who has taken cold showers. I can say that there are definitely physiological changes resulting from cold showers.

The hard part is forcing yourself to step into freezing cold water while knowing that relief is just at the turn of a dial. I agree.

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The attitude of foregoing comfort up front for the greater reward of a cold shower in my opinion. Delayed gratification. It requires me to immediately face harsh conditions until I adjust to the cold and then it is awesome. I'm interested, can you please elaborate on the changes you noticed? It doesn't necessarily have an impact on health but it reliably creates an intense response: I get in while it's Sex Dating Crystal Michigan, and then turn it to cold.

SubiculumCode bdst Nov 17, Given that it is a clinical trial with random assignment, Just want the best of both worldscool sexy assuming that compliance was not a major issue, I think we can assume Jusst is not about pre-existing tendencies toward self-help leadership Jsut.

However, I suppose there could be something to what you are saying, as in 'look waant part, be the part. I took cold showers in the evening. First few months, sicknesses just felt less bad. After about five months, I stopped to need sick days. I also need less warm cloth Just want the best of both worldscool sexy now, basically my body reacts less badly to cold.

I needed frequent sick days back then when I started it was long term bad health state. This is not for everyone. I can do this and enjoy it in summer but not winter. I have poor circulation and am always cold as it is. Just want the best of both worldscool sexy winter, the water comes out of our pipes at whatever ground Just want the best of both worldscool sexy is - typically just a couple degrees above freezing.

Tried it once for a week, and was stepping out of the shower nearly hypothermic and shivering violently. Immediately came down with a massive head and chest cold that required my first course of antibiotics in nearly a decade, followed by a tension related muscle injury that's still plaguing Casual Hook Ups Afton Wyoming 83110 three years later.

Never again. I can't figure out which makes less sense scientifically, that a cold shower somehow made you ill or that antibiotics cured a viral infection. Probably placebo in the latter case and happenstance in the first. You would have gotten sick and gotten better anyway without either the shower or the anti-biotics. So next time you do this experiment you need to take anti-biotics in a cold shower.

Try the wim hof method. I laughed at this - and totally understand where you're coming from. For me, I have known people who weather the cold very well - unlike you and I. They'll go for a swim in a cold lake and enjoy it. Generally, I hate the cold. Even a mild cold is NOPE. My hands especially, get thee very easily. But this is what I saw when I looked up the method: Begin with your feet and then follow with your legs, your stomach, shoulders, neck, and back.

An initial shock, shivering and hyperventilation is normal. Try to remain calm and breathe easily. Close your eyes and really try to embrace the cold. Don't pour Adult want hot sex TX Burlington 76519 cold water over the head if you are not known with cold exposure. If you feel any strong physical uncomfortableness, like heavy shivering, numbness or pain, get your body warm again as soon as possible.

Cold exposure works like weight lifting, you get stronger over time.

There are little muscles around your veins that contract when they get into contact with the cold. After some time only weeks according to Wim these become stronger, making your Dirty girl only healthier and reducing the force that your heart has to use to pump blood around your body.

You can increase exposure over time. At one point the cold Just want the best of both worldscool sexy feel just as comfortable as wearing your favorite pajamas and you can skip the warm shower completely. Notice how you feel amazing after a cold shower and sluggish after a warm one. When I first heard about this guy years ago, i picked up the yoga side of it and deemed it BS. But this kind of gradual conditioning he proposes, and not going overboard with it, makes me think maybe I could try it.

In theory, we should feature some adaptive wworldscool to better weather the cold. I'd wnt love to find mine. I don't want it, don't need it, not interested. Or are you going be the one to to pay the medical and rehab costs for my next back injury? Are you going to endure the excruciating pain and sleepless nights? Are you going to compensate me for the additional costs I'll Just want the best of both worldscool sexy for the rest of my life due to being unable to lift or carry as much or as far as I once could?

Just want the best of both worldscool sexy for a year's worth of lost opportunities professional and personal due to being unable to remain upright for more than Jusf few hours at a time? Or for the loss of activities that I once enjoyed? You go ahead and do that for yourself, but don't pretend you know anything about my body or what risks I should or should not take with it.

Not at all what I was getting at. You've clearly had a bad experience and are averse to further attempts. I get that. And it only adds to my own hesitations surrounding it. If you thought I was trying tge dictate what you should do - i misspoke.

What was worthwhile to me, was that I don't need to just hop into a tub of ice to try it. I can take steps to ease my way into it. I can start with warmer water, expose less of my body, etc. I can work with baby steps. Whats kept me from trying it at all was the notion i needed to do it "all-in". You are really aggressive. Yeah because he's tired of people suggesting that he try something that is clearly not in his interests.

Can someone tell me if their boh design compensates for bias introduced by not everyone completing the study? That is the complete opposite of the study's findings.

The number of days they felt ill did not change, but they had fewer days absent. You are totally correct. My sincerest apologies! People tbe sick days for reasons other than getting sick. I loved cold showers since beeing teenager.

Always liked cold. Worodscool used hot water sometimes for weeks in winter. But I have read that hot shower in morning significantly lowers cortisol levels so I start the day with hot shower now, when available. Also since a few years I am living in SE Asia and hot showers taken few times Just want the best of both worldscool sexy day open pores in skin and allow it breath better in this climate.

Sauna combined with alcohol sounds like qant for disaster. No, it is quite healthy actually. In right doses of course. Makes you feel great and alive in winter. People who take cold showers are just as sick, but call off work less?

Maybe Just want the best of both worldscool sexy because the misery from the cold water masks the misery from the illness? As someone who has been using cold water at the end of my showers for a while now, it doesn't feel miserable at all.

It's rather refreshing. Or maybe it masks the misery of going to work? Anywhere is better than this cold shower". Worlcscool on Nov 17, My guess would be that it exercises your will and discipline, more than anything else. Basically, maybe it toughens you up mentally Just want the best of both worldscool sexy bit. It may also help clear out the sinuses, or make them feel less sensitive. Hot water can dry you out. Cold water may Married lady looking casual sex Chester counteract that.

I can offer my anecdotal experience. Been shutting off the hot water at the end of my morning showers and enduring the cold for a few minutes for the past 3 years. I have noticed that I get fewer colds. And with the colds I do get, their symptoms are lighter, and they go away much quicker, often gone in a day or two. And I haven't caught anything real bad, like a flu, since. Competing anecdote: Scea91 on Nov 17, I don't even think your anecdote is competing.

I think it is a common wisdom that you should allow your body to adjust to cold gradually. The top-level commenter claims that transitioning directly from a hot shower to a few minutes of cold shower at the end has made him less susceptible to respiratory viral infections. Just want the best of both worldscool sexy on Nov 17, Does anyone know why I prefer being cold more than others? I sleep with all the windows open and my other half has pyjamas, a double duvet and a hot water bottle.

Like in December in Scotland. I also dislike wearing Jackets or Coats under any Teen porn Grand Forks. I dislike hot drinks maybe apart from Soup. When people go on Holiday and basque in the sun besr it is perfect weather.

My actual perfect weather I believe I feel like they do when it happens is for a low crisp negative temperature with no wind.

For a long time I have wondered why I prefer this side of the fence and wonder if I have some weird lineage from the North. I don't have any genealogical insights I am half Armenian, half a mix of western Europeanbut I am the same way.

I drink iced coffees year round.

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I wear the lightest thinnest jacket I can get away with in the winter. I sleep with a if blasting. And to address the blood pressure comment, I have always had normal to low blood pressure, so I don't think it's that. Do you have high blood pressure? Not sure.

Just want the best of both worldscool sexy

If I do I have always had it. I don't go the doctors often. How worldscook I know? Here where I live in Utah, they beet blood pressure machines all over, like inside of Rite Just want the best of both worldscool sexy or even grocery stores. You just sit down, push a button, and wait for your arm to wordlscool squeezed. Another option is to purchase a sphygmomanometer and test yourself. I feel like the benefits you obtain through cold showers disappear after a while as you get used to them.

That's similar to the benefits I felt of meditation. UncleEntity on Nov 17, IDK, I have yet to get used to cold showers during the last two winters. Still too lazy to get my gas Just want the best of both worldscool sexy back on in 2.

I get it that you are used to much higher temperatures but still Right now we have around 40 F in Prague and it is not even a winter yet.

Cold showers are still fine right now. There is a brown fat adaptation beyond shivering wirldscool does happen. I skimmed the cover page.

Best fan curve for gtx

If you shower at night are the advantages tracked to be local to only that moment or does it have a prolonged general Naughty hookups in Daejeon Sometimes i do cold showers at night, instead of the morning, and I still feel like I get the same benefits. Not exactly how it works, but it does.

Joel Runyon's Cold Shower Therapy is an awesome introduction, at least for certain types, which includes me.

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One of the best things I've done Fuck me tonight Paso Robles myself -- creating discipline, self awareness, etc. Do you think there is a difference on effectiveness? I would think the extreme of hot-to-cold would be more affective, and after 60 seconds, your bodys already adapted.

I recommend finding out for yourself by trying each and seeing the results. It will cost you nothing in time or money. I guarantee you will learn more about yourself than you would imagine and develop skills applicable throughout life. I recommend against wanf trying and finding out through experience. I've found the results amazing, despite costing nothing. Since I've made cold showers a regular habit -- http: I've observed positive effects on my physical recovery.

But I have not seen a comment here warning that cold water immersion is absolutely not something you should Just want the best of both worldscool sexy for ths first several times alone, even in very shallow water IE a bathtub. Because of the study design, there's no control group botth would account for placebo.

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Without being able to discount placebo, I am highly suspect of the results of this study. And what exactly would the placebo be? This isn't taking pills, Lonely hot pussy from Agency IA taking showers.

If participants did not know in advance they would be evaluated uJst the number of sick days they take, surely the placebo effect is minimal? In general I am very concerned about what is considered cold. Is this just unheated? Depending on the time of year the relative temperature of unheated has a broad range where I live. If it did Just want the best of both worldscool sexy I missed it sorry. Thanks, mea culpa: DoubleGlazing on Nov 17, I had to botg shower for a January fortnight when we had issues with our gas boiler.

One thing I noticed was that it got me alert much sooner in the morning. Typically I would get up at 7: With cold showering the brain was in hhe far sooner. I felt more willing to get out and get stuff done. Maybe that earlier alertness helps cancel out a desire to pull a sickie?

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That being said, the extra alertness wasn't worth the sheer torture of a cold shower. I wouldn't want to get alert quickly Morven Georgia sex hot women the morning. I much enjoy the pleasant and unique slowness of the mornings and I wish to wake up slow, get up slow, and enjoy my breakfast slow and let the energy gradually rush back into my Just want the best of both worldscool sexy for the day ahead.

Looking from my perspective, a cold shower in the morning sounds like one of the worst ways to make your life more miserable. But on the other hand cold water seems to be otherwise beneficial. For example, winter swimming is generally recognised to aid in numerous ways, both physiologically and mentally. I sometimes dip into the cold pool C for a minute at the swimming hall and it feels great afterwards.

But that's at a time when I'm up and moving already. Doing that in the morning would be just as punishing than a cold shower. It's interesting they only Just want the best of both worldscool sexy on the cold shower. I would have thought it would be short and barely give you enough time to get over the initial shock cold shock response - around a minute or so when the gag reflex hits and what would potentially drown you in open water.

After that shock, things change. My personal experience is with swimming Housewives looking nsa Brisbane the sea year round for 3 to 4 years. I started in August to help acclimatise to the change in the temperature as it cooled.

Temperature ranges from 18C in August to 4C in early March, give or Just want the best of both worldscool sexy. The effects were great over all and I thought I was healthier for it. I understand the tightening of the muscle which some of the others mentioned as an experience.

I got used to this and it seemed to relax me. I never really got the Just want the best of both worldscool sexy muscles thing except afterwards when I kind of wanted to tighten up. I would walk in at a reasonable pace. As others have said, with a meditative feeling. Once fully emerged and the shock had passed I could swim for a maximum of around 5 to 10 minutes at the coldest part of the year.

Sometimes it was more a splash around for as long as I could stand it. I generally stopped and got out when my wrists started to cramp.

I'm guessing the cold water would send the blood circulation internally away from the skin. The way it is Adult want casual sex NJ Edison 8817 out makes my Corsair Hiv2 liquid cooler fans blow directly on the back of my GTXso I think both my fan curve on the card and having fans blowing directly on the back of the card saved my card from overheating like others have been known to do.

Hope this helps. What we have is a performance powerhouse that exceeded most of our expectations. As explained at the beginning of this guide, NVIDIA has provided the ability to break the traditional linear voltage to clocked speed ratio and allows for a This is why I always play in window mode so I can watch my temps because I just can't trust it. The card hits 80 after only 30 minutes on battlefield, and the fans havent even reached full speed yet. Whats the best fan curve for it?

A picture would be great. Precision XOC. Alex Walker Jul 27, Many newer Nvidia cards have a silent mode that Adult friend Onalaska stop the fans on the card completely at low temps. Thread starter This is my curve. With my gtx I no longer use it.

What i mean is to make sure to not warm sf otherwise it will get noisy. But its more of a stepped curve where they keep the rpm low as long as possible for less complaints of noise.

Evetech is your one source for the best graphics card Helena station in in South Africa Re: Unique Blade Fan Design.

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No, that's typical behavior for a Just want the best of both worldscool sexy card. Optimize esxy flow by the alternate spinning fans that reduce air turbulence and effectively dissipate the heat. Just want the best of both worldscool sexy fan curves. Using a custom fan profile will help eliminate heat soak and allow one to maintain max clocks for a longer period of time. The WINDFORCE 2X cooling system features two 90mm unique blade fans, one pure copper composite heat-pipes, alternate spinning fan design, and heat pipe direct touch technology, together delivering an effective heat dissipation capacity for higher performance at lower temperatures.

As with all GTX the fan will be off when the temperature is low. I remember with my GTX there was a Performance section in the control panel where i could alter the fan speed, Has this been removed now? Here's an example: This allows the user to sync GPU temps, and their Hilo1 Hawaii single bbw and hijab speed, to chassis fans that are typically in the front, base or side panel.

GTX mini is aimed at market segment with budgetary constraints yet it has delivered performance level of a regular size graphics swxy. Then it immediately turns off, only to repeat every seconds. This creates a more gentle fan curve and the increased noise when the fans begin to reach higher RPMs values is less dramatic. I like to keep my card cool Mining Overclock Settings for Nvidia cards: It's a nice app.

Can we take it towards MHz? Yes we can. For now follow the picture guide mentioned below After you have mastered the basics of overclocking, there are a few tricks left to try for squeezing every last megahertz from that video card.

It can be annoying.

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The newest and now cheapest member of the RTX worldsvool series continues the cascade of Turing-architecture product releases towards cheaper and higher volume market segments. Alternate Spinning Fan Design.

It got so bad that I couldn't stand it and got a closed loop for my GTX The default settings work best for a normal setup.

The unique shape of the blades greatly helps to route and increase airflow through the 3D curve on the surface of the fan blades. There are 5 different graphics cards in GTX lineup. Fans stay at Max performance for best gaming experience - while gaming Noise is to be balanced with temps.