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Need a friend to attend party of the year Seeking Cock

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Need a friend to attend party of the year

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You talked about your plans with your friends face to face, you made a Facebook event page and invited them—but people still seem to flake out on you.

What gives? I have a friend who is really good at organizing friendly gatherings that people always show up to. Like, really good.

People are lazy, and busy. If your event requires them to do any sort of work—even something as simple as making a decision—their interest will wane.

So, you freind to do almost everything for them before you even invite them. That means deciding on a location, a time, and the activity, as well as giving them all they information they need right from the start.

Then, you want to give them so much information about said activity that the only thing they have to do is show up and have a good time. The less they have to try, the more likely it is they are to commit.

You can do this by continuing to host, help, and provide information after people have already arrived. Be the one to provide guidance, do the shit work, and encourage people to have a good time.

Once you give up trying, so will they. The best way I can explain this is through an example. When my friend plans a beach day, this is what he does:.

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So, next time you want to get people together, over-plan and over-deliver. Make it easy for your friends to show, then take it a step further.

The A. Patrick Allan.

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