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Very close friends

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Thread starter monty Start date Nov 4, Hi, my friends. What word should I use to describe a person, who is more than just Very close friends acquaintance I know, but also a very very very close friend to me?

I'm looking for a word suitable for either sex. Thanks a lot!

GreenWhiteBlue Senior Member. The City of New York.

Niagara Falls, Canada. The simplest expression would be "close friend.

Thank you clos. This is difficult in North American English because the word friend is used to describe the people that are closest to you, but not related.

Hi, my friends. What word should I use to describe a person, who is more than just an acquaintance I know, but also a very very very close. These stages of friendship development aren't required or necessary. In fact, a friendship can move from very close to more casual as well. A Linguist Breaks Down What We Really Mean When We Call Our Friends 'Close '. By Deborah Tannen. Photo: Lambert/Getty Images.

Other words such as acquaintance or comrade give the idea of being less than friendss. Very close friends could mean an intimate situation. This holds for small or fleeting problems as well as significant ones.

But at the right time and with the right person, conversations like these help both Very close friends to explore the ins and outs of a problem. More importantly, they also remind both friends of the connection they share — and reinforce it. Just listening can be a powerful way of showing that you care.

That applies to more Very close friends sharing problems, too. Talking about the insignificant details of daily life — the little things that make up how-was-your-day conversations — creates intimacy as surely as personal revelation does. You feel closer to someone if you know they cllse about where you went, what you ate, and who you saw.

That knowledge can also make an experience a frirnds less lonely: Over Very close friends course of my research, I came to see the continual snapping and sending of pictures as extensions of those how-was-your-day conversations, with one key difference: But knowing you have someone to rehash your day friensd is only half the story of closeness. Close friends understand your words in the way that you meant them — and, most rewarding of all, give you the sense that they understand you.

This means I Very close friends you.